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About Me

  • I truly enjoy doing courseware development, especially with challenging concepts in science. Here are links to my development work with Director®,Shockwave®, 3D rendering and Animation, QuickTime®, and more! (Note: most of these were not developed for the web, so they're rather large for a web browser window)
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  • I am devoted to my wife, Jodi, and my seven and a half year-old daughter, Katie, from both of whom I have learned all I will ever need to know.
  • I am lucky to have such family and friends
  • The Banyan Tree: A Community School for Life: my wife and I dream of starting a special school some day.
  • Spatiotemporal Isosurfaces: this refers to a graphical rendering technique I have used to spatialize complex data such as bioelectric signals (EEG, EMG) for enhanced perceptualization.
  • Self-organized Criticality in Human Behavior:: this is something I have been exploring over the past few years in a low profile manner, but it may have significant relevance in learning and behavior, both at the psychological and physiological level, especially as it relates to the freedom to explore a novel space.
  • San Diego State University: myself, my wife, and many friends are graduates of SDSU.
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    My Work

  • Here are examples of my courseware development work
  • I am Staff Scientist at San Diego State's Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering. I face the great challenge of helping foster the integration of high-performance computing into the undergraduate curriculum. The EdCenter is supported by the California State University and the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI).

  • Well, the future is here. One of my closest friends, Dr. Dr. Dave Warner (M.D./Ph.D.) has been a synergy catalyst for Interventional Informatics and Distributed Medical Intelligence, as implemented through the Pulsar Project and MindTel.
  • Miscellany:

  • I am also a lifelong seeker of the truth in humor and humor in truth, whatever that is! ("There's a seeker born every minute!" - Firesign Theatre, 'Everything You Know is Wrong').
  • The Center for Really Neat Research is sort of a state of mind, but owes its origin to, well, he knows who he is. I am currently co-Director of the San Diego Regional Office of the CRNR, but then, who isn't?
  • Click here to learn more about ways of doing good things to make the world a better place.
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