"Lines composed three miles above the Center for Really Neat Research..."

About that interesting picture:

Jeff inter-FACE-ing with a computer.

When he does get some spare time, he spends it in part by helping develop novel interFACE devices. Actually, he gets to tell the real developers what's good and not good! Seriously, the electrodes on his face are a new technology which can actually control 3D computer-generated objects with face muscles. This may appear at first a bit odd, but it's a potentially powerful tool for quadriplegics and other physically-challenged individuals. The work is being done mainly by a group of ambitious and dedicated people led by (or so he thinks) Dave Warner, an M.D./Ph.D. student at Loma Linda University (More info on this soon). The rest of the group includes:

Janice Robertson
Patrick Keller
Clay Villanueve (sp?)
Tate Stevens
Salamo ??
Joe Johannsen
and a cast of thousands (I apologize, no doubt I slighted some key people)

Below is a picture of Ashley Hughes using the Biomuse to Meme interface.

Below are two closups illustrating her efforts in controlling her facial muscles.

Closeup of Ashley

Another Closeup of Ashley

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