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Jeff Sale
"Lines Composed A Few Miles Above the Center for Really Neat Research..."

My Family and Friends

It's strange trying to list family and friends (especially when I should be sleeping! Who has time to tell their life's story these days? Family is so important. At the moment, no one else in my family has a Web account yet. For that matter, as you can see, some of my friends don't either. This is cool, and I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way.

My Family:

The wife and kid

The rest of my family (no web pages yet):

  • Beth Sale, mother
  • Tom Sale, father
  • Robin and Todd Ovokaitys (I know I botched the spelling) sister and (newly-crowned) brother-in-law
  • Bob and Sharon Sale, brother and sister-in-law, and their two kids, John (5) and Christine (1 1/2)

My Inlaws:

  • Jan and Jim Katcher
  • Bill and Linda Reed
  • Bill and Christy and Michael and Matthew
  • Bob and Jacque and Ryan and Jameson (and Bobby and Brandon, bless them both)
  • David and Joyce and Ian and Aaron

Mount Reed, a monument to the Reed Men, who had so much to do with how my wife turned out, but I won't hold that against them !!

My Friends:

and there are so many more but it's getting late, ...

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