A 3D Model of San Diego County,
Southern California,
and Northern Baja California
Phase 4

Also, here are some additional inks to animations,
flybys, stereograms, and QTVR movies of this and
earlier phases of development of this model.
Download QuickTime 3.0 and the QuickTime plugin if you don't already have it

Phase 4:

Phase 3:

Phase 2:

Phase 1:

Sunrise Over Cowles Mountain

Golden Cuyamaca Peak

The Foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains

Clouds Over Cowles Mountain
(Click the image for a higher res image, 274Kb)

Overview of the 3D Model
(actually, this is an intermediate version between phases 3 and 4)

Torrey Pines State Preserve

Finally, A "View From Space" of the Entire Model

Borrego Springs and Palm Canyon (half aerial photo/half topo map)
(This image is intended to illustrate one step in the process of creating this model, i.e. aligning the aerial photo with the topo map)

Sunrise over the San Diego River Valley
(My favorite image of the valley I live in. In the distance, several mountains may be identified, including Cuyamaca Peak, El Cajon Peak, Corte Madera cliffs, Los Pinyos Peak, Lyons Peak, Mount San Miguel, and Mount Helix)

Balls in the River
(OK, so I'm a goofball...)

Sunset Over Mission Trails
(A nice ending...)