Phase 1: The Location of our new home
and other views of Cowles Mountain and Mission Trails Regional Park

(as rendered with Bryce 3D, using topo maps and aerial photos kindly provided by Lisa Heizer. The topo map is copyrighted by TOPO! The aerial image is copyrighted by Aerial Fotobank, Inc.)

View a Flyby of Cowles Mountain created with Bryce 3D:

QuickTime Movie (1.7 Mb)
GIF Animation (1.7 Mb)

NEW! See my improved model and images!

Phase 2 (as of June 1998): EVEN NEWER!! 3D Stereograms and
QuickTime Flyover of San Diego

Phases 3 and 4 (as of August 1998): Southern California and Northern Baja

A view from the north looking south

A view from the west looking east

Other views

A view up the valley we will be hiking daily

A view above from the north

A view from Cowles Mountain peak looking northeast towards our home