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Jeff Sale
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Parkinson's Disease

Basal Ganglia Animation Simulating the System Underlying Parkinson's Disease (To view this animation, you'll need to download the Shockwave plugin)

Description of this animation
What is the importance of this animation?

developed for
The Freshman Neuroscience Course, Winter 1995
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Course Coordinator: Michael Kirby, Ph.D. For the "Introduction to Motor Systems" lecture of A. Douglas Will, M.D.. Dr. Doug Will was the inspiration behind this animation, and it serves as a great help to medical students.

This Shocked animation was created in collaboration with Jeff Sale. If you are interested in obtaining more information about this animation, please contact me, or link to my Home Page for contact information.

Why is this so important?

Normally, medical students in a freshman neuroscience course must piece together various sources of information, such as pictures from a text, or brief experiences with a subject in an examination, in order to create in their minds what is integrated here in this shocked Macromedia Director® animation. The advantage to watching an animation is not only obvious, but the additional advantage of accessing it for free over the World Wide Web is both obvious and very exciting. This kind of instructional technology rapid prototyping for medical education at the undergraduate and graduate level is what we emphasize here at Edworlds.


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