Welcome to potions class! I am your teacher. You may call me Professer Tala. Welcome all new students to Hogwarts.

This week, we will be learning about a bacic potion. The potion is used to cure boils. You must help your partner if he or she is having any trouble. Now, please use your balances to measure the weight of three dried nettles. Record the weight on the piece of parchment in front of you. Put the nettles in your cauldron and proceed to grinding two snake fangs each. The grinder should be set up to be hovering over the cauldron. After the fangs are ground, let the cauldron simmer for 6 minutes. Chop up the porcupine quills into one-inch peices while the mixture is simmering. Take a pinch of ground wormwood and sprinkle it into the cauldron. Now that the potion is done simmering, take it off the fire and stir. It should be a lovely sky blue. Once it has stopped boiling, add the porcupine quills and stir. I will come around and add a drop of unicorn blood to evryone's cauldron. once Iput a drop in your cauldron. Pour a ladle full into the clear flask and bring it to me.

Potions Homework:

Write a 25 minimum word essay about what perposes you think the unicorn blood had in this potion. I will be grading you on how you have stated your thoughts. This will be due on tuesday.